Podcasting is certainly a thing now, which we’re glad for!  We at Humwork have been making them since 2016. We find (good) podcasts not only accessible and entertaining, but also well situated for rigorous dialogue and even public scholarship. Take a peek at our podcasts for conversations on reforming graduate education, charting diverse career paths, rethinking the value of a PhD, and more. And stay tuned for our newest series “Under Review.” We look forward to sharing it with you.



Under Review

“Under Review: Rethinking Humanities Graduate Education” is a podcast produced and hosted by two PhD students in the humanities, June and Lauren.


Unbecoming Academic

In this session, we will explore the concept of value as it is defined within multiple disciplines and contexts to develop a study of humanistic inquiry and career diversity.


Humanities in Action

Beth Goodhue and Lisa Felipe sit down with Helga Zambrano to discuss service learning and diversity education offered at the UCLA Center for Community Learning and within humanities departments at UCLA.