So what is the work of HumWork? For the past 7+ years UC humanities graduate students have been the working center of HumWork, contributing blog posts, research projects, and much more to our community. Ideas@Work contains all of this, as well as interactive series like Candid Conversations, podcasts, video from our events, and our newest series Alumni@Work. 


A new series where we attempt to do what we implore academic departments to do: track and showcase PhD alumni.

Community Reflections

Experiences of, and reflections by, graduate students and PhDs as they navigate career paths and opportunities.

Stories from the Field

The UC-wide alumni survey and focus group data project that charts economic outcomes and career trajectories for humanities PhDs. 

Research Projects

Our research projects include survey data on PhD students, conversations on debt and mentorship, and other important topics.

Candid Conversations

Video dialogues between faculty on graduate students on important topics such as debt and mentorship.


Explore professionalization topics, including the newly launched grad student-led series Under Review.


Videos from our systemwide events as well as our Stories from the Field alumni panels.

Professionalization Tools

Tools to help with writing a résumé, securing internships, and conducting informational interviews.


Tips and tricks from experts, graduate students, and alumni.