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We sure talk a good game about the need to track ALL PhD alumni. Alumni@Work is a new series where we attempt to do what we implore academic departments to do: track and showcase PhD alumni. We know from our 300+ alumni tracking spreadsheet that UC Humanities PhD alumni are engaged in diverse and interesting careers. We want to showcase alumni in order to affirm that our alumni are at work across a broad spectrum of industries and occupations. Although at least one third are working in education-adjacent fields, a significant number are not. Where do our alumni work, and what are they doing? Why did they choose this career path? If they could go back in time and offer advice to themselves as first-year graduate students, what would they say? 

We hope this series will offer current graduate students, faculty, and other alumni a frank and conversational glimpse into the professional trajectories of UC Humanities PhD alumni. And if you’re a UC PhD alumni and want to be featured, drop us a line below!

Kelly Anne Brown

Graduated: 2011

Associate Director, UCHRI




Jeanelle Horcasitas

Graduated: 2020

Associate Developer Educator at DigitalOcean



Giulia Hoffmann

Graduated: 2014

Senior Associate Director, Career Center, UC San Diego


We’re glad to (re)connect with you, and are quite curious to hear a little bit about what you’ve been up to! This form is a generic way to capture some of the information that we’d share with the Humwork community on our website. And if you’re open to talking with the Humwork team in greater depth, we’ll be in touch, we promise.