On May 1, 2017, HumWork hosted a sixth workshop at UCSC Silicon Valley Extension Campus in partnership with UC Santa Cruz. Inspired by its location, Humanists@Work Graduate Career Workshop – Silicon Valley engaged the synergistic possibilities at the intersection of new media, community engagement, education and public humanities that is characteristic of the greater Bay Area.

Workshop Sessions

Stories from the Field

In Stories from the Field, four UC humanities PhDs discuss how long-term, sustained humanistic thought and labor shape, and potentially transform, their career trajectories and the industries in which they find themselves employed. How did their values, ethics, and politics inform their post-PhD work choices?

Christian Blood
Curriculum Specialist
Zoho Corporation

Dana Douglas DePietro, Ph.D.
Cultural Resources Division Lead, FirstCarbon Solutions
Executive Director, S.H.A.R.E

Tamao Nakahara, PhD

Sheri J. Tatsch, PhD
Indigenous Consulting Services

Whitney DeVos (moderator)
UC Santa Cruz

From Academic CV to Innovative Résumé using Jared Redick’s “Purpose, Content, Design” Methodologies

The Résumé Studio’s Jared Redick returns to HumWork, sharing his “purpose, content, design” techniques aimed at helping recent and soon-to-be PhDs shape a purposeful résumé, while framing the possibilities of a fulfilling future beyond or alongside academia.

Jared Redick
The Résumé Studio

Humanities PhDs: Designing Career Paths

This interactive workshop is for humanities PhDs in the early stages of researching careers who want to Explore career ideas, Learn to research jobs and engage short-term strategies for gaining experience, and Design  potential career paths.

Debra Behrens, PhD
PhD Counselor
UC Berkeley

Persuasive Interviewing

Excelling in interview settings is a skill that requires thought, practice, and confidence. During this interactive workshop, attendees will practice and refine their interviewing skills by learning persuasive techniques that enhance their storytelling abilities and highlight their key contributions.

Annie Maxfield, MS
Associate Director, Graduate Student Relations and Services
UC Los Angeles

Candid Conversations: Debt in the Humanities

Student debt is a collective experience shared by the majority of humanities PhDs, so why aren’t we talking about it? Candid Conversations engages faculty, graduate students, and university staff in a dialogue around the issue of debt and how it influences your post-PhD careers.

Joshua A. Anderson
Graduate Student
UC Berkeley

Jessica Beard, PhD
Higher Education Project Organizer
American Federation of Teachers

Jennifer E. McSpadden
UC Davis

Allison Perlman, PhD
Assistant Professor
UC Irvine

Shane Breitenstein (moderator)
UC Irvine

Anirban Gupta-Nigam (moderator)
UC Irvine

Session Videos & Reflections